The F Word


The F Word, Jed Weintrob‘s second feature film, is a fiction/documentary hybrid about Joe Pace, a radio talk show host whose program, The F Word, is being shut down by the F.C.C. after racking up over $1 million in unpaid indecency fines. On his last day on the air, which coincides with the last day of the Republican National Convention, Joe sets off to broadcast his own one-man march through Manhattan.  Combining fictional scenes set among actual protests with documentary footage of people Joe meets along the way, Weintrob weaves together a seamless narrative. It‘s often impossible to tell the difference between fiction and reality. Josh Hamilton stars along with Edoardo Ballerini, Zak Orth, Sam Rockwell, Callie Thorne and others, including many leaders of the protest movement: Reverend Billy, Peter Camejo, John Perry Barlow, etc. The F Word is a true, guerilla-style indie, offering an innovative political portrait of 21st century New York City and the current threat to free speech in America.

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