Partes Usadas


"Used Parts" is a fascinating drama from Mexico, with great direction and acting, particularly by the two 14 year old newcomers. It’s a vibrant and dynamic film that deals with loyalty, exploitation, friendship between teenagers and their dream of a better life. It won "Best Feature by a first time director" at Mexico's most prestigious film festival in Guadalajara, was selected as Mexico's entry for the Golden Globes 2008, and won several awards at festivals around the world.


The film tells the story of Ivan, a 14-year-old boy, who lives with his uncle Jaime, a shady dealer of stolen car parts. Both of them dream of a better life and are stashing away their money in order to immigrate illegally to Chicago.  Jaime introduces his nephew into the world of car-part theft who subsequently convinces his best friend Efrain to help him.

Together they carry out Jaime's orders until Ivan realizes Jaime has no intention in taking him along to the US. The two teenagers decide to go their own way in their dangerous new life style, which ultimately leads to disastrous consequences. 


Partes Usadas_US trailer_Engl. Subt. from Ludo Cremers on Vimeo.


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