Navidad S.A.


"NAVIDAD, S.A." is Mexico's first carbon-neutral film. The filmmakers of Lemon Films calculated how much CO2 would be used during the making of this global warming themed film and bought carbon credits from the biggest environmental organization in Mexico. The credits were applied toward a remote community in the south of Oaxaca to maintain its reforestation program.


In this global warming themed family comedy, "NAVIDAD, S.A." or "CHRISTMAS, INC.," Santa Clause must contend with the fact that the North Pole is melting. As children stop believing in Christmas, the North Pole begins to melt and Santa's workshop starts to flood. To save Christmas, Santa must find a way to restore children's belief in the magic of Christmas by defeating Tito, an ambitious Elf who schemes to turn Christmas into a purely captialistic business venture.


Navidad S.A._US trailer_Engl Subt from Ludo Cremers on Vimeo.


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Making Of Video

Navidad S.A._Making of video from Twenty Four Frames on Vimeo.

Special Effects

Navidad SA_Special Effects from Twenty Four Frames on Vimeo.