Seres: Genesis


Seres: Genesis, is based on the wildly successful Mexican graphic novel by Huma Comics founder Angel Mario Huerta. The graphic novel is part of the continuing Seres Universe series and will be available in an English language version in October 2010. This groundbreaking new film is the first part of a trilogy of feature films. Seres: Genesis is the beginning, Seres: Evolution will mark the future for our kind and Seres: Extinction will reveal our destiny.


When a young girl is found amid the wreckage of an accident caused by an alien craft, Mariel (Alejandra Barros), head of a secretive task force investigating the paranormal, must solve the riddle of a frightening warning the girl delivers that humanity is on teh verge of extermination by a hostile alien force.


Seres Genesis_US trailer_english subtitles from Ludo Cremers on Vimeo


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