Gaturro, La Pelicula  is a 3D CGI animated film based on the popular Argentinian comic book, produced by Ánima Estudios and Illusion Studios in Argentina and Mexico.[2] It is being released in theaters around the globe.


The fun love story of two cats. Our adorable Gaturro is madly in love with Agatha and will do anything to win her heart. She has always played hard-to-get and our poor cat doesn’t know what to do. He suddenly finds out there might be a way… something Agatha will fall for… showbiz and celebs might be it! Gaturro will fight his way into Hollywood and try to become a star to get Agatha’s attention. On his journey, he will have to overcome hurdles, which of course lead to hilarious situations, only to find that true love is all about being your real self.

Voice Cast

Mariano Chiesa, Gustavo Bonfigli, Gustavo Dardes, Lego Dugatkin, Pablo Gandolfo, Lucila Gomez