Mejor Es Que Gabriela No Se Muera


This comedy of errors set in the world of Mexican Telenovelas stars real life current and former soap opera stars.


Miguel, a writer for a torrid telenovela, is out joy riding and smoking pot with a few friends when he gets pulled over by the cops. Things look dicey until Miguel tells the arresting officer his occupation. It turns out that Bracho, the portly middle-aged policeman, is a huge fan of the series. He begs Miguel for an inside scoop and Miguel reveals that Gabriela, the devilish diva on the show, will marry her lover. Bracho lets the writer off and brags to all of his drinking buddies about the advance tip. Back on the set however, the actress who plays Gabriela decides to quit the show. The producers give the character a fatal disease and and Bracho loses face with his friends and family. When he attempts to strong-arm Miguel into changing the story line, matters quickly spin out of control and a hilarious sequence of events unfolds.


Mejor es que Gabriela no se muera_US trailer_Engl Subt from Ludo Cremers on Vimeo.


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