Ana and Bruno


Ana is a curious girl who escapes in search of her father to save her mother. With the help of some very strange and fantastic creatures, she embarks on a journey full of exciting and moving adventures.


Ana and Bruno is an animated adventure set in the 1940s and touches on mental health issues as it follows Ana, a young girl who befriends a pack of imaginary creatures elicited from the minds of patients at a psychiatric hospital. Ana’s mother, who suffers from depression, is one of them. Of those intangible friends, Bruno, a big-eared, green goblin-like entity, is Ana’s biggest ally in her search for her father. She must find him before a terrible procedure is practiced on her mother.

Voice Cast

Galia Mayer, Marina de Tavira, Damian Alcazar, Silverio Palacios, Julieta Egurrola, Regina Orozco, Hector Bonilla, Daniel Carrera.