Agente 00P2


El Agente 00-P2, als known as Agent Macaw:Shaken & Stirred is Mexican animated action-comedy-spy-parody film produced by Anima Studios. This theatrical release film is a spoof of the popular JAMES BOND and MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE movies.


Tambo Macaw, an overweight macaw who works as a janitor at the Central Intelligentus Animalus (CIA) dreams of becoming a secret agent. The opportunity arises when he is assigned, by mistake, the most important mission in the agency's history; stop the wicked plans of Mamá Osa and her evil organization. Tambo is helped by Gino Tutifrutti, an old turtle that's in charge of the “advanced” technology lab in the agency and is one of Tambo's few friends. This odd couple journey into the coolest and craziest adventure ever, which will lead them to faraway places where they'll face weird and dangerous foes. Our heroes will have to use their limited resources – in Tambo's case, his limited intelligence – to save the world from an icy extinction.

Voice Cast

Jaime Camil, Dulce Maria, Silvia Pinal, Mario Castaneda Partido, Luis Alfonso Mendoza, Rogelio Guerra, Jose F. Lavat