About 24 frames


24 frames is an independent distribution and production company, founded in May of 2007.

The distribution side of the company focuses on acquiring international films for all media, targeted towards clearly defined niche audiences in North America. The targeted audiences we selected have very well established social infrastructures. We know which film festivals they attend, which theaters they frequent, what television networks they watch as well as their social behavior with regards to how they absorb information about the films they are interested in. This approach allows for a very cost-effective distribution as well as public relations and marketing campaigns. The 3 core areas for 24 frames are: 



The production arm of 24 frames centers on remakes of international films with high concept narratives. The company develops select remake projects with strategic partners as a complement to the distribution of the original versions in North America. This approach allows for a wider audience to enjoy high impact and memorable stories that would otherwise be limited to niche targets.

24 frames is dedicated to bringing compelling and unique stories to the screen from around the world. 


About the founder of 24 frames


24 frames was founded by Ludo Cremers in 2007 to realize his dream of establishing an independent film company focusing on compelling films targeted to clearly defined niche audiences in North America. As President of 24 frames he sets the strategic direction of the Company, overseas the acquisitions and productions, and spearheads the films’ marketing campaigns. 

Prior to founding 24 frames, Mr. Cremers was Senior Vice President at Buena Vista Home Entertainment International leading the global marketing group for the Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar, Touchstone Pictures, Miramax, Dimension and Hollywood films labels. In this capacity he was responsible for the marketing, public relations and promotional tie-ins as well as merchandising for numerous Disney films, ranging from the smaller animated films to the company’s biggest live action blockbusters. Before joining the Mouse, Mr. Cremers headed up Marketing Departments in the US, Mexico and Europe for leading companies, Procter & Gamble and BAT.

Mr. Cremers holds a Master Degree in International Business from The American Graduate School of International Management in Phoenix, Arizona and a Doctorandus Degree in Economics from the Groningen University in The Netherlands. Due to his many positions and responsibilities around the Globe, Mr. Cremers speaks in addition to English also Dutch, German and Spanish.


About Luis Panini

Luis Panini is the Senior Vice President of Acquisitions. In this capacity he is responsible for the acquisitions of films, movie re-makes and productions based on comic books and novels. His extensive background in film and design, combined with being an award winning published author himself, makes his involvement in selecting the right novel and comic book material for film development invaluable. As a liason between authors, designers, creatives and studio executives and distributors his day to day support has proven to be instrumental in translating creative material into completed projects, available for audiences around the world to enjoy. 

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